We Go, So You Don't Have To

Rrrrrrowr: after months of preparation, we are ready! The Architectural Exhibition Review launches a tribute to a somewhat obstinate art form: exhibitions.

We at aer believe in the magic of physical, walk-through experiences; experiences, which are inaccessible through books, movies, the flatness of the web, or any other dispatch from the world out there alone. With exhibitions you simply had to have been there. 

The stories we often hear around the water cooler from our fellow curators, architects and writers are different from the ones we read in the papers. We love to snoop behind the scenes. It beckons us to home in on every show’s unique inner workings: the stories told and the spaces created.

The current 2000-character morsels are an experiment in short-form prose. We publish mindful yet opinionated pieces. At times they are playful or cheeky; at other times they might have their claws out. But they have one thing in common: our writers (from journalists, curators and researchers all the way to the installation workers and guards who spend more time than anyone else in exhibitions) all share the same passion; they appreciate the art of exhibition making. 

cf. & tf.

Laura Altmann la.

Sina Brückner-Amin sba.

Maximiliano Rodríguez Carrión mrc.

Jana Čulek jc.

Oliver Elser oe.

Teresa Fankhänel tf.

Clemens Finkelstein ccf.

Clara Frey cf.

Lisa Henicz lh.

Anousheh Kehar ak.

Crystal Li cl.

Hyunah Lee hl.

Anna-Maria Mayerhofer amm.

Anna-Maria Meister atm.

Maria Paula Mora apm.

Johannes Müntinga jm.

Ana Neiva an.

Ingrid Dobloug Roede idr. 

Léa-Catherine Szacka lcs.

Matthew Wells mw.

Vanessa Vanden Berghe vvb.

Gerlinde Verhaeghe gv.